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Ask and It is Given - The Teachings of Abraham


30-01-2005 18:18:43

I just read "Ask and It is Given" - The Teachings of Abraham by Jerry and Esther Hicks, forward by Wayne Dyer.

It is one of the FINEST works I have ever read on manifesting, and I also picked up their starter cd set (also great).

I was wondering if anyone has has results utilizing their techniques! Thanks for sharing!


10-02-2005 10:56:34

I'm currently reading this book now, but I have a few problems. First of all, I'm not sure how to keep your emotions on a positive level when you have real problems in your life. How do you keep from worrying about the outcome? I have moments when I'm calm and I'm manifesting that everything will work out, but then there are lots of times, I find myself sliding back into the worry mode again. How do you stop that? I also don't like the fact that if you do that, you will set the whole entire process back.

And I also have a problem with Esther getting all these "readings" from Abraham. I'm reminded of a book I read a long time ago about an ordinary housewife who channeled from a 35,000 spirit guide named Ramtha, I believe. It was so far "out there" that I ended up not believing a word of it. And yet Esther seems so sincere. I'm very confused and don't want to be misled.

Anyone else have any comments on this?


30-03-2005 08:50:41

I have the intro CD and I am very disturbed by what I hear. I'm trying to listen to it but it seems a little crazy.

She says she is gonna make contact with Abraham then within a few seconds starts talking in a weird foreign accent, I don't understand the need fo rthis and in all honesty this makes the teachings less belivable and also much harder to understand!

The fact that this stuff is all agreesively marketed almost screems of a fake, however Wayne appears to support it. I'm not sure what to belive.


30-03-2005 13:30:16

I think the way to not worry and focus on postive in your life is to be aware of your feelings.

We always have a choice in how we feel, even if most of the time it doesn't seem like it. We react from habit, or how "everyone else" feels in such a situation.

Think "how am I feeling?"

And "how would I rather feel? How would I feel if I felt GOOD?" And get into that.

Wayne Dyer has attended Abraham-Hicks workshops, and asked a question (about intention) at one of them.

As to the weird foreign language on the introduction tape... I have that tape and don't know what you mean?

Esther did talk with a kind of strange accent when she first started this. Almost like she wasn't sure about it, and had to form every word more carefully. But, if you get tapes that are more recent than this, she is more relaxed and normal and just lets it flow.

What I like about it (among other things) they never make fun of people, never put down what anyone asks (like that's silly!) take people and their problems and desires seriously, and make a lot of sense. Just listening to the workshop takes is positive and uplifting.

When I can get into a better feeling place (which I think comes from practicing this when things are going pretty good, or consciously practicing, not in the middle of a crisis when we're thrown off balance) I have noticed it does work out. Situations can shift and change and resolve themselves, sometimes like magic. In ways I couldn't have predicted or imagined or set up with all the trying in the world.

They now call it "the art of allowing". At first it was "deliverate creation".

That everything good and perfect and what we want and need is THERE, we just have to align with it and allow it.

Maybe it seems too simple to believe (LOL)

~ Carrie


31-03-2005 13:09:25

I think Wayne Dyer and the others are very much like the people who sold potions that make one stay young forever. They are getting rich on the idea of solving people's problems in ways that are rediculous. If you follow their ideas, nothing good will come of it. We all have to stay as cheerful as we can, take care of our problems as well as we can, always believe in ourselves and life will work out the best that it CAN for each of us. Dyer is selling ideas that make people feel better and that's why he is so rich.

it's always good to believe in yourself, you get the most out of life when doing so....that's the only thing that's true from his books.


31-03-2005 15:59:51

If it helps us feel better about ourselves and happier and have a better life, what's the harm in that?

Doctors make money off people beihng sick, and police, lawyers, etc make money (a living) off crime.

Psychitrists make money from people being unappy and looking for help and answers.

People are free to buy books and tapes or not and also free to believe and accept what they learn from them.

If you feel it works and helps you in your life, then it's a benefit.

If it doesn't work or help people after awhile they'd stop buying.

~ Carrie