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World Indigo Day


29-01-2005 18:50:19

Anyone going to see the movie this weekend?

World Indigo Day
James has kicked off the World Indigo Day celebration in Australia and now the wave will flow across the planet! Thousands of people across the globe will be focusing their energy on the New World being revealed through the Indigo and Spiritually Aware Children, while participating in prayer vigils, attending spiritual gatherings or going to see the Premiere of the movie Indigo. Please take a few moments wherever you are this weekend to add your energy to this growing wave.

Message from Doreen Virtue
The Indigo children are our greatest hope to bring about World Peace. The best thing that we can do right now is to give these children our prayers and support which will empower them to help us all.

INDIGO the Movie
The momentum behind the INDIGO movie continues to be record breaking, and no one is happier than the Indigo Children themselves. We have received so many e-mails from them saying thank you! In addition, we have added hundreds of new locations showing the film around the world. While the AMC theaters may be sold out, there are still plenty of other organizations hosting premiere showings. Simply go to http://www.indigothemovie.com and click on the link to see a complete listing of all the places you can join the 100,000 people who will be enjoying the movie this weekend!

We have had many requests for information about indigo and Spiritually Aware Children. You can find a list of resources on our web site at http://www.emissaryoflight.com. Click on "World Indigo Day" and follow links. We are also in the process of putting up a message board on the INDIGO web site creating an opportunity for many of you to connect. (There are links below to an e-book by Heather Macauley and an additional web site resource).

Thank You
We would like to extend a huge wave of gratitude to all of you for helping to make World Indigo Day and the Global Premiere of INDIGO the Movie so overwhelmingly successful! Your prayers and desire to get the word out is making a huge difference in shifting the consciousness of the planet.

The Beloved Community

Author, Heather Mcauley has offered a wonderful e-book as part of World Indigo day. You can find out more by going to this link (http://heathermacauley.com/COL-download_info.htm) or going to the resources section of the World Indigo Page on our web site http://www.emissaryoflight.com

Another web site resource designed for spiritually aware youth is http://www.sayus.org

Please do not reply to this email message. No one reads these messages. If you do have questions or comments, go to the web site http://www.emissaryoflight.com and click on Contact Us.