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I'm still confused How Skye Dyer "Contemplated herself


07-01-2005 14:25:54

Hi, my question is from the Power of Intention show on PBS, he talked about his daughter, Skye, Contemplating herself surrounded by the Condition she wants to produce in order to get a music band together. And it happened. Do you think that what his daughter did in order to do this was meditate (Meditations for manifesting) and get in touch with the Source of Intention? Or Did she visualize? I don't think Wayne exactly said the exact techniques she used so it was kind of ambiguous to me. Do you think she did something like this in order to bring about her goal?

I'm still kind of confused on this issue.



21-01-2005 00:01:49

I remember hearing Wayne Dyer talk about how Skye "created" the band she wanted. My guess is that she simply "intended" it to be, just as we can "intend" anything to be.

Remember everything we could ever desire is already there, waiting for us to be open to receiving and allowing it into our lives.

Again, I guessing that Skye simply intended what she wanted and opened herself to receiving it.

We are all receiving what we think about. We just have to change our thinking. That's it. In any moment, we can change our thinking.


30-01-2005 20:03:43

On the PBS special Dr. Dyer talked about how Skye was having problems putting together her CD. Certain musicians she wanted were not available, and the studio she wanted wasn't available.

Skye called her father and said "the musicians I want aren't available. What can I do?"

Dr. Dyer would say "Skye, you've got to contemplate yourself surrounded by the conditions you want to produce..."

Sky called back the next day and said "Hey, this works! I did what you said and everyone is available all of a sudden! They had cancellations and now they can work with me..."

Same thing happened with the studio, etc... Everything she needed to put together the CD fell into place when she didn't think it would. ;)