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Raising Children following Wayne Dyer's teachings


01-01-2005 20:01:37

I was fortunate to have discovered Wayne's writings years ago. I raised my two daughters using what I learned (and sometimes internalized) from him. I was a single father for both, then a single father for the oldest. I lost custody of my youngest in a red neck town to an alcoholic (with DUIs) mother. Who went on to marry two more alcoholics. They were both verbally and a bit physically abusive. I did everything I could to work with my youngest daughter's self awareness, self esteem, and help her grow into the independent young woman she is. My oldest openly tells me she makes many decisions in her life based upon what I had taughter her from what I had learnded from men and women like Wayne. All in all, the three of us have done much better in our lives because of what we learned. I have met and talked with may celebrities including Wayne and Depak Chopra (Bill Gates and many people few have heard of from all over the world). They have all enriched my life. However, what I absorbed from Wayne's written and oral works have made a great difference for me and my lovely daughters.