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A Blessed New Year To All!


31-12-2004 23:10:24

Wanted To Take This Moment In Time To Hope & Pray That You All Have A Blessed New Year!

Blessings To All in 2005!!! D


chris knight

01-01-2005 15:16:55

Same to you and all members of this discussion board.

2005 is going to be a fantastic year!

Anyone have any personal spiritual resolutions to share?

Click on POST REPLY to share yours.

As for me? If there is one area I want to improve on is controlling my response to others that I allow to push my buttons.


01-01-2005 19:46:01

I usually don't make a "list of resolutions"......but you made me think about what I want in my life this coming year........

As in the past couple of years, I will continue on my path of trying to weed out my instances of being judgemental towards people or situations.......I've done a pretty good job last 2 years on this, but as we all know, it's an ongoing process.......

I also plan on "tweaking" some of my desires/wants this year-----
That means taking stock of all that I have desired/manifested in my life this past year or so, figuring out if it was what I really wanted/had in mind/produced the desired outcome-----and "fine-tuning" that desire to get what I really, really wanted. Sometimes we found "we got what we asked for", and now is a good chance to look back and "tweek" that desire/manestifation.
If you didn't get what you wanted, you can always change your mind again!!

Something I would like to really concentrate on is regaining my "self-control"/disipline......
I used to be really good at it, but it seems this year (through a series of events)--that my self-dicipline has gone haywire........I have found myself "comforting" myself more than I really want to----that it has become a habit, and I want to break the "comfort" habit. Some self-comforting is good-----too much leaves you "unbalanced."

I think Wayne will help in this area..........


01-01-2005 20:19:54

Not so much a resolution as an intention.

A major intention for me in 2005 is to live out my spiritual and moral principles/values more congruently and consistently in my business ventures and in my community participation.

A truly prosperous New Year to all!



02-01-2005 14:18:22

Hey All*
Happy New year and continuous blessings to everyone.

Thank you for having me think about a resolution. I used to think that resolutions were something that I always end up breaking by the next month or fergetting about as soon as it leaves my mouth.

This year is new . I would just like to say that I will continue to dream and make sure that it becomes my reality with my God guidence.

I think thats a big enough umbrella!

Dare to dream this year. I am!
Thanks again for the opportunity to tell some friends.



02-01-2005 14:32:27

There are a lot of things I'd like to do this year....

The first priority, however, is TO FIND MY PURPOSE IN LIFE.

Once I discover what my purpose in life, the rest should fall in place naturally... .

Wishing the best to all,


02-01-2005 15:40:16

P For my new resolution, I am going to focus on my higher energy and not be taken in by the low energy that sometimes surrounds me in the work place or at home. It will take practice to catch my thoughts before forming a low energy act or thought. D


03-01-2005 17:04:15

I wish all the best to all of you for 2005 and onward!

My resolution for 2005 is to let go and let God.

I have goals of being pain free and healthy, of being in a loving relationship and being worry free money wise.

I will allow myself to believe that I deserve what I desire and then let go of all the reasons why I have prevented these to happen in my life. Those reasons must have served me to keep control and keep from getting hurt and all, but having faith that I deserve better and allowing it to happen is a new concept to me I am letting go and letting God.

Happy to have you to share this with!

Take care all!


04-01-2005 19:42:19

My plan is to be kinder and gentler. And I have learned the best way to be this is to meditate EVERY single day ... even if its just for 3-4 minutes. What a difference it makes for me. Blessings to all.....


09-01-2005 07:35:23

roll 2005 is now! Every day I change, grow and improve. My personal commitment is to be all I am while being true to what I know; to at all times recognize and live my life as though I have an industructable connection to the power which created me; to love all unconditionally, beginning with myself. My wish to the planet is for Peace, Understanding, Tolerance and Love! idea


17-01-2005 09:40:45

I resolve/intend to re-dedicate my daily self-awareness in order overcome pain and learn to heal myself again.


21-01-2005 07:55:45

I intend to live each day by appreciating all my blessing and to focus on the simple joys of the day.


26-01-2005 08:45:51

This year I'm trying to "declutter" my life. After 32 years of marriage, I have acquired way too many "things". I feel the need to simplify my life and also to empty my mind of all the clutter that accumulates. I feel in this way, I am more receptive to what God is trying to tell me. How can He get through to me when I'm too busy sifting through papers and junk and when I let everyday problems build up inside? I need to make a clear "path" to God so He can work in my life.