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AntiDepressants Yes or No ?


17-12-2004 09:21:17

What would Dr. Dyer say re someone who is contemplating taking antidepressants. I know he has talked about being chemical free, but does that include medications too. This person has been out of sorts for over a year and has tried several self help things but just can't seem to get over the hump.
Thank you


19-12-2004 09:30:06

Wayne would probably tell them to take the meds as simply a crutch while they focus on the problem they have within their mind. Depression is fear - and what is the fear? And there are many in the world we make. Suggest to your friend that they write down every single fear they feel - and continue for several days on the list. Then begin to look over the list and see if a pattern of fears exist. Surprisingly, the answer is always in the problem, and the problem is real to us because we believe in the fear.

Namaste - Ron


21-12-2004 09:17:29

I think depression is feeling powerless, powerless to change something in your life. When you realize that you have the power to create and change all in your life, it puts you on top of the world.
We can choose to have a better idea!