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Abraham's book that Wayne wrote the forward on?

Jerry Thornton

03-11-2004 17:35:35

I saw Wayne in Miami this weekend. It was great ...

He talked about an person called "Abraham'. This person have just finished a book that Wayne wrote the forward on.
Does anyone know the name of this book as I forgot it after the session.

chris knight

03-11-2004 19:58:25

He talked about an person called "Abraham'. This person have just finished a book that Wayne wrote the forward on.

Are you sure that Abraham is a real human or is he referring to the spirit guide (I call it marketing spin) that Hicks (also published by HayHouse (Same publisher as Wayne))?



Here is an excerpt from the forward that Dyer wrote
From the Foreword...
I have been profoundly touched and influenced by the messages that Abraham offers here in this book and through the tapes that Esther & Jerry have been providing over the past 20 years. In fact, I am deeply honored that Abraham has asked me to provide a brief foreword to this book which I consider to be a publishing milestone.

Jerry Thornton

03-11-2004 22:04:39

Thank you for the information. You are very quick....


10-11-2004 17:11:56


I just thought I would let you know the book you are referring to, “Ask and It Is Given”, is very, very good. Perhaps WD says it best in his forward “The book you are holding in your hands…contains some of the most powerful teachings available to you on our planet today…Thank you, Abraham, for allowing me to say a few words in this precious, precious book."

I am about half way through the book. I am in wonder and awe of the way it resonates with my Spirit. I have been using the “Power of Intention” materials for a few months. This book is taking me to the next level. It’s simplicity and depth are amazing. Reading and utilizing its teachings and processes can enable the reader to create major changes in their lives in a relatively short time. Joyous manifesting and allowing becomes a way of life.


06-01-2005 10:51:31

I ran across some of the ideas of this Abraham fellow on another site. Looking back over this forum, I found this post referencing him. I wasn't familiar with this book but now that I am, I've added it to my list. Anyway, I thought I would copy what I found on this other site onto this post. This may be straight out of the book, I don't know. I hope others will find it beneficial

Thoughts from channelled entity "Abraham" on bringing your desires into reality
If you can hold a thought, just a simple thought, for 17 seconds, without contradicting it, another thought like it same shape, same size, same vibration, same tone, by law of attraction another thought like it will come to it. And at precisely the 17 second point, these two thoughts will join one another, they coalesce and when they do that there is an energy that is expended, it is like a combustion point. And when these two thoughts join and combust, you can feel a measure of enthusiasm or interest bubbling within you. And in that moment of 17 seconds, these two thoughts that were same become one bigger, more evolved, faster vibrating thought. Now, if you can stay focused on this subject that you have chosen for another 17 seconds, at the moment that you cross the 34 second mark that is just two times 17 this now more evolved thought will attract unto it and - in other words, the thoughts attract each other.

Your thought draws another and the other thought draws it, thoughts that are same in nature come together. And at the 34 second mark these two more evolved thoughts do the same thing, they coalesce and there is another combustion point.

At that point, these two thoughts become one, higher and faster in vibration. If you can maintain you attention to that now more evolved thought, at the 51 second mark which is just 3 times 17 there is another coalescing, another joining of thought and another combustion point. If you can hold that more evolved thought for another 17 seconds, the same thing happens and when you cross the 68 second mark, you have a combustion big enough to affect physical manifestation.

Just to get your attention we want to give you some physical comparison; 17 seconds of pure thought is equivalent to 2000 hours of action. If you are working a regular 40 hour a week job, that is about what you work in a year. 17 seconds equals 2000 action hours. If you can cross the 34 second mark, you can multiply your action by ten, 20.000 action hours. If you can cross the 51 second mark 3 times `17 you can multiply by ten again, a 200.000 action hour equivalent. If you can cross the 68 second mark - now that is just over a minute of pure con-contradicted, non-diluted thought it is equivalent to over 2 million action hours.

We were talking with a woman on the telephone the other day about pure thought and she couldn't really understand what we were talking about. These are difficult concepts when you are accustomed to just thinking about whatever is flashed before you. In other words, most of you as you watch the television, it is much easier just to just observe what someone is offering to you rather than it is to close your eyes and offer your own projection of thought.

And so we were wanting to assist her in holding 17 seconds of pure thought. She had three very important issues that were troubling her; financial issue and a health issue and a relationship issue. And we said to her; "Leave those issues aside for a while, because those issues you have practiced your negative thought about them so much, that as you now try to practice positive thought it is still a watered down sort of process. We said to her "Lets take three subjects that you do not already have a habit of negative thought about". Well, she couldn't think of any. We said "Just three subjects, they do not have to be life changing subjects, just three subjects that are of interest, but you do not have a negative habit about". Well, she still couldn't think of anything so we said "Lets talk about the subject of blue glass". She said "What?!?" And we said "Blue glass. You know, some of it is clear and you can see through it. Some of it is muted or frosted and you can't see through it. Sometimes it is made into beautiful chandeliers or beautiful windows, or beautiful vases. All kinds are made from this beautiful clear or frosted blue glass". And then we talked about feathers for 17 seconds and butterflies for 17 seconds.

And then the telephone call came to an end and Jerry and Esther were in California, they were in San Diego and so they went to La Hoya for lunch. And when they got out of the car, Jerry is walking down the street toward George's and Esther is walking into a shop and Jerry could not understand why she was taking a detour and Esther did not really understand it either, she just said "Lets look in here". And so they went in and deep in the shop, Esther found a wall of the most amazing blue glass she had ever seen in her life. Shelf after shelf after shelf of amazing sculptures made of blue glass.

Jerry did not understand why Esther was captivated by it because he had not heard the call and Esther did not make the correlation either. And they didn't buy anything, it wasn't appropriate for their house, it was just AMAZING blue glass!

They had lunch and went to the park and as they were entering the park, they were surrounded by a flurry of butterflies. Esther still did not make the correlation. And as they were leaving about 15 minutes later, a little boy, an oriental boy, looked to be about two or three years old, had found a little pigeons feather on the ground - and he was holding it at his full extension of his arm running toward Esther to show it to her.

And it was not until then, that Esther realized that in less than one hour of ours spending 17 seconds together on those three subjects, that the Universe had managed to deliver in DRAMATIC FASHION all three subjects.

We encourage you to play this game AND we encourage you to play the game in threes. Because if you play it in one or two, you might be as Esther did and miss it altogether. If you will play this game just a little bit by taking subjects that are of slight interest, but most importantly, subjects that are pure because you have no contradictory thought about them the Universe will proof to you in two or three days time that it is utterly and absolutely and ALWAYS responsive to your vibration.


06-01-2005 18:14:27


What an amazing story! This quote is not out of the book (Ask and It Is Given). The book has a chapter dealing with the 17 seconds and 68 seconds of pure thought, but this particular story is not in it.

Thanks for the post. Just think of what we can accomplish if we can get to the place of pure thought...which meditation will help us to accomplish by helping us to slow down our thoughts. Two million hours of action (approximately three lifetimes) or 68 seconds of pure thought. Guess that's why we go without if we don't go within!



06-04-2005 23:49:12

I like this idea, about focusing on 3 things for 17 seconds to manifest. what the heck, I choose SILVER BRACLET, ROSE QUARTZ & RED HEARTS. I closed my eyes, took several deep breaths and thought about each item. I will keep you posted on my results. I 1st. saw the book "Ask And It Is Given" on line about a month ago, but all I saw was Wayne Dyers name, I ordered it without much thought, or really reading the details, I just thought it was his newest book, and being a big fan of his teachings, I had to have it. It was'nt until a week or so later that I saw the inside cover of my Science Of mind Magazine, and saw a full page ad for the very same book. It was then that I realized that Wayne wrote the foreword, not the book. I had never heard of Ester and Jerry Hicks and would have never ordered it otherwise, but I knew something really good was on it's way, that the universe indeed wanted me to have. I think its facinating and cannot read it fast enough. I've read several posts and outside opinions that express they can't quite swallow the channeling part , and I say "don't kill the messenger" just enjoy and apply the message. Take what you like and leave the rest. And the really neato part is next week I will be face to face with Ester & Jerry and this Abraham being at the" I Can Do It" weekend. An event that at first (a week ago) I thought no way in hell could I go to becouse of cost, distance blah, blah, blah and within a few days of seeing myself there in my minds eye, I'm a going big time! My mom loaned me the $350, my friend Ari decided she wanted to go too, a day later she got a big refund check in the mail, and is paying for the hotel, we got 4 other women to join us so we're all going in her big van and spliting the gas 6 ways, wala! What I have found most important to this manifesting stuff is not, to get attached to the outcome, not to insist that I must get everything my "Ego" desires. Nothing that is truly mine can be taken away from me, yes it is disapointing at times, but when you get down the path a bit and look back, you like me, will find yourself thanking your lucky stars that your wants where denied that certain doors closed, or maybe slammed in your face, And that the plan that is unfolding in front of your eyes is much better than you ever could have imagined. Wayne says something to the effect about thinking more about having the feeling you would have if you got that "thing" then the actual thing. I always do both, I don't know how to separate the 2 as of yet, and may never, but I do know this, I am becoming less and less upset by a little 2 letter word called "NO" I know something better more wonderful more perfect for me, is rite around the corner, or at the very least a few blocks down the path. so I'd like to double dare any of you lets do some 17 second experiments, list yours, think, keep us updated. Peace, Lola wink