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Those who push your buttons are angels - quote

chris knight

08-10-2004 23:38:38

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Contemplations on the Cosmic Christ.
Meditations on the words of the mystical Messiah.

They had this Dyer excerpt today
"Wayne Dyer says that those who push your hot buttons are you angels. I believe he is right."


Your thoughts?


10-10-2004 20:35:01

Oh, as much as I groan when it happens, I absolutely agree!! roll
Our greatest teachers are angels sent from above and those are the folks who show us our limits to love, being in the moment, and generosity.
Namaste ~


11-10-2004 08:34:49

Greetings All,

Angles have the wings like that of a butterfly
And Love is like a butterfly
It goes where it pleases
And pleases where it goes

Oh what a Blessing!