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A note on tracking.


29-09-2004 22:27:39

Don Juan Matus called this 'stalking', but due to the negative connotations of that word. Through 'seeing', Ken Eagle Feather uses a term I like as well - Tracking - Here are some guidelines Ken used to keep in mind at all times.

They are

1) There is a superior and guiding force for all creation. This force is true Power, or Spirit.
2) Reality is an interpretation of events. How we organize and view the world stems from a reflection within ourselves.
3) We have more to our nature than we presently use, or even suspect.
4) It is our job to develope these capacities for awareness.
5) By merging ourselves with the wellspring of creation, and thus the driving force within us, we may unveil the deepest levels of our nature.
6) The world is, in essence, mysterious. As part of the world, we, too, are mysterious.
7) Whatever we figure out about ourselves and the world forever remains a mystery; otherwise we continue to reflect to ourselves about ourselves.

Have a nice evening....


01-10-2004 19:08:14

Well said! )