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Wendy's Pomegranate Blog mentions Dyer and Cats

chris knight

27-08-2004 12:42:33

Wendy's Pomegranate Blog mentions Dyer and Cats
It's making me think about my cats. In the book, Dyer talks about the importance of kindness and framing your world in a positive light. I've written about this before about my cats, but it's something that I think about a lot, and so I'll write about it a little more. When I interact with my cats, I treat them well. I see them as divine beings.

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Yeah, I have to agree... even though it's not "manly" to say nice things about cats being "perfect" -- as I know my Fluffy is.

My cat only has Love to offer me regardless as to my emotional state and he is a gift to me and my family.

Anyone else have a cat or pet that is like that?


27-08-2004 20:06:25

How wonderful! Cats are great... I have 7 cats 1 dog and a horse!

Recently, we had to put down 2 dogs... one had a cancer causing internal bleeding, it finally got to a stage where we could no longer help... the other dog was very old and many organs were shutting down or functioning poorly - it was time again. My wife works for a doctor of veterinarian medicine and we 'rescue' many abandoned animals.

Lady, our horse is forbidden in the kitchen [hehehehe...]. She is boarded outside of town - about a 25min drive from our home. My niece rides her and compete in several compititions each year - we all love the horse and she is very different from dogs or cats.

Cats are a blast! 3 of the 7 love me and follow me around alot. If my lap is empty, it isn't for long as one of them will jump up to be in my lap. Miss Kitty is a tortoise shell [like calico without any white]. Mandita [spanish for "little Mandy"] is a back and white - beautiful cat. Me-Mow is only 2 and meows for attention... The other 4 cats are wonderful but don't warm up to me as often - its great when they do. We love our animals!

Nitro, the dog... a whopping 80lbs American Staffordshire Terrior [large "pitbull" dog] has incredible strength! A very intellegent dog too... don't tell him, but he thinks he's a lap dog!

Last week, I was in Yosemite and we had deer walk by us each morning for 3 days in a row - that was a special treat. I love our animals!