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Mind over Matter says Grrlpower Blogger

chris knight

20-08-2004 08:03:18

grrlpower had this to say in her blog today

An excerpt
"so I've been on my self-help kick for awhile, devouring wayne dyer books and tapes. about manifesting destiny, the power of intention, etc. One major premise is that you manifest into your life what you think - if you focus on the negative, that's what you will attract into your life. I just realized, I think it's working..."

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Note that there is some humor in her additional thoughts... or sarcasim.

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20-08-2004 08:14:37

hey, that's me!! I wasn't actually being sarcastic, not meanly so at least. I just think it's fascinating how you can start to see that synchronicity, those 'co-incidences' when things fit together perfectly...

glad someone took the time to let me know I'd been referred to here - I wasn't aware of these boards... lol


20-08-2004 08:19:16

(p.s. I am not registered as afh)

ummmm... NOW registered. It must be too early in the morning!

chris knight

20-08-2004 09:27:50

ummmm... NOW registered. It must be too early in the morning!
Welcome to the discussion...

Small planet, eh?


Glad you're a member.