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"self-help book junkie" Lena mentions Power of Int

chris knight

19-08-2004 10:15:27

Lena had this blog excerpt recently on the The Power of Intention
Yesterday I was reading the book at work and I hit this part where Dyer says to "say Yes!" more. Now, I have just learned how to say "No!" more often when I really need to but with the weight gain I began saying "No" to things I should have been saying "Yes" to. So, I decided to take ol' Wayne up on his idea of saying "yes!" more often.

Source http://lenalive.typepad.com/the_me_yet_to_come/2004/08/my_crazy_life.html
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27-09-2004 14:48:27

im not sure what u mean by yes? ive heard him say no to things as in saying no to more. NO i will not take on that extra responsability ..
basicly simplifing your life.