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Jim Sturges, Sr. comments about "I'll be happy when...&

chris knight

17-08-2004 08:01:21

Jim Sturges, Sr. comments about "I'll be happy when..."
Long before Dr. Wayne Dyer acknowledged his spirituality, the pop psychologist was handing out authoritative spiritual advice. A thing that I learned from him -- I say I learned it, and mis-speak; a thing I am trying to learn from him -- is that the phrase "I'll be happy when ..." is always untrue, unless the when describes the time that I realize that I am the only one who can allow myself happiness, and that it is from within.

I have never bought something that could make me happy. The act of buying something acknowledges the power that I have, but some inanimate object on a shelf or a wall can never produce happiness within me.

Source http://blogs.salon.com/0003342/2004/08/16.html#a206
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