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Carlos Aleman Questions Dyer's & Psych's Intentions

chris knight

15-08-2004 23:01:14

An excerpt
Lately, Wayne Dyer had been on the local PBS station non-stop (fund drive). And he's telling people that their problems are the result of not aligning themselves with the 'source'. Psychologists and self help authors will tell people that their problems are the result of not getting in touch with their higher power. Eastern philosophers tell people that if they are enlightened, they will not be phased by anything that happens."

Source http://www.carlosaleman.com/blog/2004/08/charleys-destruction.html
I like Carlos' thoughtful analysis or skepticism... I couldn't help to think that his argument is a bit of the non-sequitur fallacy where his arguments positions have nothing to do with each other.

Without going into a lengthy rant, I think it's safe to say that any advice given by anyone, including a self-help author, can be twisted a million ways based on millions of perceived perspectives of the message.

Carlos seems to be a good man and his lens by his recent posts comes from his current Christian bible studies. Everyone has their influences or filters on how to interpret the thoughts of others.

One thing is good for sure Anyone who is questioning the truths of others is better than those who would blindly follow the same advice without validating it for themselves.

Lastly, I love this guy's blog visual layout. Very clean. 8) ...just the nerd in me appreciating it.

Your thoughts?

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