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Graham's blog, Todo Es Bueno rags on Wayne Dyer

chris knight

12-08-2004 12:21:24

An excerpt from Graham
"...he also says that it is very, very bad to judge people. and he quotes Soren Kierkegaard as saying "when you judge me, you negate me." it occurred to me today that the act of judging another person isnít so BAD. The only thing bad about it is if you happen to take pride in the judgment. Judging people quickly and correctly is actually what dynamic people do all of the time...."

Read more here http://lonestar.texas.net/~stewart/2004/08/i-must-continue-ragging-on-dr
Graham had quite a few additional observations about Wayne Dyer and his messages... After you read, them, click on POST REPLY to share your comments.

(For those who don't speak Spanish, "Todos Es Bueno" means something like, "All Is Good.")


15-12-2004 22:25:09

A better translation of this passage substitutes the word 'label' for 'judge'. Let the misquoting end now!


15-12-2004 22:31:31

Judging someone quickly and correctly is not dynamic, it's psychic. Making general assumptions correctly is not dynamic but useful.