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Personal Audio Message from Dr Wayne Dyer

chris knight

05-08-2004 21:04:32

Tonight, Wayne sent an audio message to all of his ezine members that I wanted to share with you

Click here to play audio message from Wayne Dyer
Let me know your thoughts after you listen to the audio piece by clicking on POST REPLY. 8)

I thought it was cool that he was addressing his ezine membership with an audio message.


05-08-2004 22:29:13

How comforting to hear Wayne's voice. His reminder of the "state of awe" was what I needed to hear just now.

[The calming soft yellow/lavender power in his words colors our world's canvas... forming another wise spiritual leader.]

Thank you for posting this, Chris.


05-08-2004 23:25:50

I found Wayne's message very valuable and inspirational; it was a bit of a surprise as I did not expect to hear him tonight; the simpleness of his message and lack of formality was also enjoyable.

Aubrie lol


05-08-2004 23:33:34


I just purchased "1000 Places To See Before You Die" book today!
The opening for the book was about counting the moments that take your breath away...by traveling to them............beautiful!

I look forward to your visit to S.F. ... thanks Dyer!



06-08-2004 01:07:52

Wayne always hits the target in igniting my deep compassion, gratitude
and love for every second of now.

Dianne West

06-08-2004 04:47:12

Will Dr. Dyer be touring in the New England area?

Dianne West


06-08-2004 08:11:28

Dear Chris,
Wow thank you so much for posting the audio messasge from Wayne,
He takes my breath away, I just love listening to him and after a long day at work it was so great to hear his message.


06-08-2004 08:45:33

Chris - thank you for being here for us - for presenting this to us - for bringing us together in a Oneness that certainly does take one's breath away. It is always comforting to hear Wayne - a soothing balm for a tired mind. His remarks about our breath not being so important as is the taking of one's breath away reminds me of the "gap" - that space between notes in music - between words written or spoken - between the breaths we take for granted. Thinking about this, I am truly in awe of the knowledge of my truth - the knowledge of who I am, not who I think I am. Thanks again for being here for us - for having this place of comfort out of the storm of life.

Namaste - Ron


06-08-2004 13:22:59

D Hello and greetings from Finland, Europe!

Dear Chris, Thank you so much for this audio message. It was so comforting to just hear Wayne´s voice so warm, gentle and full of unconditional love.

About 7 years ago it all started with a book called REAL MAGIC - Creating Miracles in Everyday Life. I feel blessed that I have found Wayne´s World wink (not the movie) Now I have all his books and some audio tapes aswell.

I don´t know how to describe my feelings... Somehow it´s beyond words what this one single person has given me. But this I know for sure I´ll be forever gratefull that he has guided me to this path of inner peace and love.

With warm thoughts


07-08-2004 00:47:37

It was great to hear Wayne's voice at a time when my life is undergoing major change. My intention is to live every moment in Ahh!! mode and to hopefully meet many others that share this view. Thank's to Wayne for making the journey so inspirational.

Vanessa D


15-08-2004 20:43:31

Dear Wayne,
We hope you and your family are healthy and well through Hurricane Charley. Thank you for all your words of inspiration.

Peace--P&G Stanley -Reno, NV