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Lisa talks about how she feels about Carolyn Myss vs. Dyer

chris knight

02-08-2004 07:26:51

Lisa at Snarkypants said
"...when I listen to Wayne Dyer, I am filled with a nice peacefulness that makes me want to do kind things for people."

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28-10-2004 11:55:22

I would recommend reading Caroline Myss' "Sacred Contacts" and "Anatomy of the Spirit". )


05-11-2004 16:15:27

Before listening to Wayne Dyer, I did know Carolyn Myss. I watched her firstly on PBS, many years ago, and she was the first one I did buy a videocassette of...

She helped me, but Wayne Dyer helped me much more. I think that Carolyn Myss is maybe someone you have to meet personally ... Her message is more subtle that the one of Wayne; it also stands more on the intellectual plan.
The principal quality of Dr Wayne Dyer is that he brings us a message we understand with the heart. He can touch each and everyone. He succeed doing so in "literally translating" the great philosophies and psychologies of the world on a truly practical, day-to-day plan...

Marlène Gagnon