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Link to Dr. Wayne Dyer's Official Website

chris knight

19-04-2004 10:56:41


Here is a link to Dr. Wayne Dyer's official website

If you've got other Wayne Dyer fan news, post it here. )

Mary Ann

28-04-2004 14:58:54


I've read and listened to Wayne Dwyer since the early 1990's. I have found both he and several other motivational experts to be wonderfully helpful. I get onto a spiritual quest for a few years (started in late 1970's) and then I don't do any learning for a few years until the next inspiration comes upon me to start the spiritual quest again. Wayne Dwyer not only has great insight but the ability to convey it with humor to his audience. I love his tapes, he has a magical voice that holds my attention whereas other motivational tapes make me relaxed enough to fall asleep or day dream. The spiritual "quest" is back and I'm glad to find this set of message boards.