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Jenn of Tribe Discussion on Spiritual Beings - Dyer in Maui

chris knight

24-07-2004 16:07:07

Jenn of Tribe Discussion said this in her blog
"i just saw wayne dyer speak here on maui, and i want to write something he said. he said "we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience." i love it."

Source http://www.tribe.net/tribe/servlet/template/pub,tribes,ViewThread.vm/threadid/adf6d351-03fd-457f-9b86-e4ded409e4ad/tribeid/98b01553-e55c-4c69-9496-ec4ca4e3d97d/id/64a068b0-649a-4d08-b186-9050b365659e

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