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The Empowerment Coach on Wayne Dyer and Inner Peace

chris knight

24-07-2004 15:48:53

The Empowerment Coach had this to say
"Author Wayne Dyer talks about this subject frequently noting how upsets and hurts are the work of our overworked human egos trying to be powerful. Dr. Dyer insists that we should use of all our energy to refuse to allow anything to upset our inner peace. I must admit, I am starting to agree."

Source http://www.mblog.com/empowering_manifestation/053129.html

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We could all use a little more Inner Peace!


26-07-2004 10:45:58

Very good point. I too agree with what he has said. When thinking about upsets I have experienced, it makes me laugh. Things which upset me are usually very insignificant occurrences.


06-08-2004 15:20:06

Be love