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Wayne's new book


30-09-2007 21:53:46

I just got Wayne's book "Change your Thoughts-Change your Life". I'd seen him talking about it on PBS but didn't think much about it. I mean, how can he keep writing great books, that are new and interesting? But, I decided to get it, because I have most, maybe all of his books, and started it and it's SO GOOD!

Maybe his best one yet (maybe I say that every book)

The man is truly inspired and opens up to pass what he receives on to readers, at least those open to receive it.

I was going to say I am trying to be, but I know it's better to say I INTEND to be.

Anyway, I think it's a wonderful book, and I plan on reading a chapter every night, and maybe starting over when I'm done. I never knew much about The Tao, it seemed confusing, so many versions and translations, etc. but it looks like he is going to put it in simple and easy to understand ways.

This board has so many topics, I never know which one to write in, but I guess this is the main (and current) one. As to the INTENTION ones, I have so many intentions I wouldn't know which one to start with. I n eed a topic that's "I INTEND to... change my thoughts and change my life" in a more overall way (all the topics listed here separately are part of the overall)

I'm still intending this. Think i get stuck on the allowing part.

So, I am now intending to allow. Go with the flow, be more aware when I'm not (like ABRAHAM says "be aware of that thing you do... that blocks the flow and keeps you from feeling good")

~ Carrie


30-11-2007 22:41:14

Thanks for writing your comments. I have all of Wayne's books and tapes, but had some of the same thoughts you did.

I'll definately get the new book!

Thank You!!