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Dyer Quote on " Personal Dishonesty " Cyber-Gish

chris knight

30-06-2004 22:12:21

Kiffin who lives in Gouda, The Netherlands; has a blog with a post by Kathleen that mentioned a Dyer quote on "Dharmic" purpose for living

"If you are spending your life struggling at work that has no meaning to you, and justifying it by saying that you must do it because it gives you the money you need to pay bills, then you are opting for some personal dishonesty with yourself. You have made money more important than your sense of purpose, and as long as you keep the priority in that order, you will always be lacking in purpose and total self-honesty!" -- DR. WAYNE DYER

It's really scary sometimes to contemplate your life's purpose -- especially if you have any doubt about its purpose. That same doubt creates more doubt and does not lead you to your intended purpose. Without getting someone to help me unravel the nested-loop I just mentioned - I think the key is to not doubt your instincts and just go for it without worrying about whether it's the "perfect" purpose or not for your life.

Ever have those thoughts or feelings about your own life?


12-07-2004 20:37:27

Good evening!

I was in my weekly affirmations meeting and one of things I asked for was clarity of what I wanted to do in life. My purpose.
I am an artist. My emphasis is performance. My performing has led to teaching,mentoring, community involvement and many other opportunities that have gotten me directly involved with people of all ages,races,religious beliefs and cultures. I want to continue that work on a grander stage. I want to be the kind of entertainer that has always been involved with his life's work through his art from the very beginning.
So that when the time comes for those big changes, I will be prepared. WE will be prepared.

I like to think that when you are finding your life's work, its like a tailor custom making a suit. At the start of its creation you have the best of what
is available. As you change(grow) inside you have the inherent ability and/or the acquired skill to do the same on the outside.
With lots of practice and honing of your skills, you will always be dressed the best.

Thanks for letting me think it through.
Have a good night!



03-08-2004 23:03:47

It took some major "pain" in my life to get me to really concentrate on my purpose. I choose to interperate a girlfriend of almost 3 years leaving me as something i did wrong. i also chose to erroneously become jealous. i was focused on what was missing in my life -my ex girlfriend. and more of being me depressed showed up. I have been listening to "The Power of Intention" on CD every night for the past 3 weeks, about 2-3 chapters a night. I consider myself to be growing everyday.

I recently put in my 2 weeks notice at a current job delivering pizza's. I am 20 years old and have decided to go back to college because I want to get my Masters in Psychology. I want to teach it because when I think about or "intend" what I see my self doing in 5-10 years, is teaching Psychology. The picture of what I intend to become are very clear and when I choose to imagine it, I cannot put in to words the way I feel.



31-08-2004 19:00:54

My mother in law said, and I don't know if she was quoting someone else, "When work becomes play, you'll never work a day in your life."

As Dr. Dyer mentioned - there isn't a road to happiness, happiness is the road.

If your gonna spend that much time each day to earn money, invest that time in doing what you enjoy.... and why not. I think happiness out weighs the money.

I've worn a variety of hats, from Electronics Warfare to office manager of an art gallery. I'm now enjoying what I do professionally as well as personally and it really makes a difference.