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erm...excuse meeee...yoohooo...where's everyone?


01-04-2007 08:54:17

Has this board died or something?

I see no posts here since January...You moved?

Helllloooooooooo! D


13-04-2007 13:48:27

97 views and not a single reply? LOL! lol


14-04-2007 20:26:04

Guess my manifestation skills are lousy eh? LOL!

Anyway, have been busy lately but I did pick up a book on Wayne Dyer few days back on Miracles, so hope to read it soon.

On the real-life front, I've got a gaming/entertainment forum set up and was busy designing that and making it comfy. It's now open for members and I'm shamelessly promoting it. http://jellyfarm.proboards43.com

Not sure why there are no members here but maybe I should PM chris, the moderator here.

Good dropping in after all this while. Hope to see more folk here.


chris knight

02-05-2007 00:24:04

Guess my manifestation skills are lousy eh? LOL!

Hey JellyFarm!

The real issue is that I haven't been actively driving this forum forward.

Glad to hear from you... - )