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Finding it difficult to remain positive .......


24-01-2007 11:46:02

I have read alot of Wayne's stuff over the last couple of months. Alot of the things he talks about I already do as I've always tried to live a good life and consider others at all times. However, the problem I'm having is trying to remain positive and focussed on thoughts of abundance and good health when I feel my life is falling apart at the seams. Briefly, my child is very ill (has had brain tumour and now suffering the aftereffects of surgery/medication etc etc) my marriage is a shambles held together by a thread and my house is on the verge of repossession due to financial problems we've been having.

I keep telling myself that things are going to get better and that good times are on their way, but it's so hard to stay in vibrational balance with the good things I so crave for (ie financial security, good health for myself and my child). I even feel I've brought this all on myself by being n a lower vibrational level. Has anyone been in a similar situation and got through it? Did the good times come after all?