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The Power of Intention thoughts by Maryam Webster's Blog

chris knight

30-06-2004 21:48:52

March 13th of this year, Maryam blogged some thoughts on The Power of Intention

Webster said, "Dr. Dyer had a perfect quote "We are all born geniuses, but the process of living de-geniuses us.""

What a great reminder. D

And she included the words of the controversial prayer of Saint Francis.
(see http://wayne-dyer.inspiresyou.com/viewtopic.php?t=56 )

Any thoughts on her blog post?


30-06-2004 22:19:23

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the lovely comments you made on my blog! I'm dedicated to manifesting the same reality that Dyer is. It's funny, my father in law's name is Wayne and he gave it to my husband who has Wayne as his middle name. Lots of Waynes in my life! Could that be the Law of Attraction at work? <grin>

What a copacetic little corner of the multiverse your site is - congrats on a lovely idea!

Maryam Webster