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" The Dyer Dozen " Notes from Wayne's PBS Special

chris knight

30-06-2004 21:34:55

The bare naked truth from energy therapist and personal performance coach, Maryam Webster

She adds Dyer's 12 point list that he mentioned during a PBS special and added her own coaching & clarifying comments.

Well done Maryam!

An Excerpt from her blog

12) Meditate The quiet mind is your way of staying connected to Source. You cannot divide Source/God. Everything else has a polarity/dichotomy except for silence. You cut silence in half and you get more silence. Cut Source in half and you get more Source. You can't divide it. Stay in the Gap. (Maryam's Note Meditate, and stay in the quiet mind of englightenment that hangs in the gap between silence and words where the Source optimally operates.)
What do you think of her comments?