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Where The Idea Originated (Dr Dyer Blog Watch) Wayne Dwyer ?

chris knight

30-06-2004 21:29:19

When reviewing the web stats for common search engine terms that people used to find this website, I noticed that high up on the list is a mispelling of Dr. Dyer's last name Dr. Dwyer.

So, I Google'd "Dr. Dwyer" and there was our forum front and center (a member had mispelled Dyer's last name). Further down I realized that a man named Adam had blogged some thoughts on Dr. Dyer, to which I added some further thoughts (the whole point of blogging).

It got me thinking that it would be a fun thread to track blogs that mention Dr. Wayne Dyer's name -- sort of a way to get the buzz or freshest thoughts concerning him and his works.

If you've seen Dyer discussed in a blog, click on "POST REPLY" or "NEW TOPIC" to share your find. D


02-08-2004 11:08:54

This is the first time I've ever posted anything to the web... and I have to start off with a dumb question What is a "BLOG" and why is it so named?

That out of the way, I have long admired Dr. Wayne and seen him often. He's been a great source of guidance to me ever since his early Erronious Zones days and I have followed him through many enormous changes as he evolved to the powerful spiritual leader he is for so many today. My recently departed Mom really loved him too. He even sent her a brief handwritten note one day with one of his books. I wasn't surprised knowing him as I do - but still I am very greatful for his kindness to this precious woman. He gave her the dignity and love that comes when someone responds from the heart and it meant so much to her. My wife, our family and my extended family (I am the oldest of 11 children) have all admired him for many years.

Unfortunately, the vicisitudes of life (i.e. loss of loved ones, disease, terror fatigue (we're "Orange" today - whatever that means), unwarrented war, etc. etc.) have got me on the ropes just now but maybe this site is a step on the pathway home. I hope so.

Thank you for the considerable effort you put into this site. Some people were born to lead others through the dark woods and into the light. You are obviously one of those people.

Best regards,


chris knight

02-08-2004 11:38:08

This is the first time I've ever posted anything to the web... and I have to start off with a dumb question What is a "BLOG" and why is it so named?
Hi Joe!

Welcome to the discussion. 8)

BLOG is short for "Web log" and it's an online journal or diary. Millions of people publish them now.

Some websites are pure blogs while others are hybrid blogs pages depending on the type of structure the website has. To be considered a pure blog, they would share some or all of the following characteristics
Must have an RSS feed
Ability to post comments
Date of the article included and sometimes the time
PermanentLink or Permalink archive format
Daily, and sometimes multiple-daily entires
Chronological reverse order (newest stuff on top)
Unique personal style or written in a personal voice
Trackbacks -- the ability to share content with other blogs that post comments to each other
Listed in multiple blog search engines
Bottom line is that BLOGs are online web-journals.

How are they different than any other website? Because they are updated very frequently (some daily and many intra-daily). That makes their perspective fresh and new -- vs. stale and old like many of the websites that have not changed in many years.

Hope I answered your question. D