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how can we live peacefully?


23-10-2006 04:07:03

how can we live peacefully?


24-10-2006 01:21:40

By being in peace with ourselves.

If we truly know who we are.

If we know our purpose in the world.

If we have an open heart and perceive the Universe as a friendly place which serves as a school for our awakening souls...


24-10-2006 13:50:34

In a world with so many differant ideals, it seams impossible. I personally have found that being humble to my Lords intentions have lead me on a path that is close. I find interest and caring in all those I meet everyday. Even those whom do not choose to return the acts. My daily goal is to do my best to make a differance in at least one persons life today. It is amazing how fast it grows. It all starts within you, your spirit energy and clear heart. Our free will tends to try to make our own ego's shine and place our beliefs and selves above others. It is this ego that tops the list of non-peacful aggressions. Dr. Dyer has talked about what ego is and what it does to us. It is a low energy emotion that is not productive in our lives.