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is war a method to solve our problems?


19-10-2006 02:12:18

Hello my dear friend.
I m feeling sad becuase there 's still war in our world. and now I have a quesion....is war a good method to solve our problems?


24-10-2006 13:55:53

Amin! I do not agree that war is good at all. however, in some cases it may be our only option when those who choose to oppress, and murder inocent people just because they don't agree with us is somewhat justified. It is a hard answer to be truthful. The act of taking a life is not part of what God wants. I wish that the people, leaders, would have to take care of their own battles. Not involve the multitude who are forced to fight for them. Imagine it if, Pres. Bush had to duke it out with the leader of North Korea. No one else involved. Just how far would the skirmish go? matter of minutes it would be over one way or another.


03-11-2006 18:42:21

It is my belief that war is not a method of solving anything. You can never solve a problem by condemning it (Dr. Dyer's words). When one side refuses to participate in a conflict, the conflict ceases to exist. Our focus needs to be positive. Learning and understanding about our "enemies" so that we can strike compromise and live peacfully together on this planet. Once there is a war, that end becomes impossible because the war fuels anger and hate-- it does not fuel peace and harmony.


05-12-2006 08:20:24

I detest war but let me ask you this.....what if someone was going to hurt someone you love and the only option you had was to fight?


05-12-2006 12:45:20

I still believe in taking any opportunity to talk rather than fight when at all possible. Why would you want to hurt this person that I love? What are you hoping to gain? I do beleive if we or anyone we love is in emminent or immediate danger, then we have the right to use just whatever force is neccesary to protect our selves or others, but no more. There is a big and distinctive difference between defending one's self or loved one's and waging a full blown war against them.