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Why are we here??????


17-10-2006 04:01:41

What are we doing here?
what is the goal of our creation?
write me to know!


26-10-2006 11:24:46

I believe that our lives, the Universe, and everything in it, the physical and relative reality that we are experiencing... are the means by which "god"(if you don't mind me using that term) experiences itself.


28-10-2006 03:58:03

I was asking myself that question since I was 17. It’s a very critical question and one that you will have to answer for yourself at some stage.

All I or anyone else can do is to give you our opinion and nothing more.

It’s a big question and one that cannot be answered in a sentence or two.

Half the truth is worse than ignorance. It can lead you down wrong paths.

Try asking yourself a more productive question…and try answering it too


When you can answer that, you’ll be able to answer why you are here and what is your soul’s purpose.