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25-09-2006 08:52:26

Once the master has led you to your self, the student is ready to move within and teach thyself. There is no greater teacher than your Self - not your ideas or those around you - of you, your pure consciousness (the ocean of which you are the droplet). The Self that silently watch and know, that which precedes thought. Through many years reading, studying, questioning and listening - my discovery was breath taking and still is. To access the Self, it took me many years to silent the mind enough through meditation to get to the point where thought does not exist and all images return to the light. I found that one word (STOP) can take you right up to the door where Self reside. But with so many levels of consciousness, the entry level to Self start without any reference, words, thoughts or pictures. The first level of Self is simply being here, in the now. There have never been two sides of anything - everything and anything were always just the next level down from one level of consciousness up. But before you go - give me one word that does not describe something..

PS. My trusted old way of visiting the Self Close your eyes, look right up to the top of your head (crown area) and mentally say as fast as you can STOP,STOP,STOP,STOP,STOP... soon you will feel the moving sensation in your spine - moving up into the base of your skull. After a while your whole head will start swaying from side to side and within one moment you will become aligned to thoughtless thought.. Although you still have a thought in your mind, you have managed to narrow it down to ONE thought. With time and practice, once STOP can help you no more, your first experience of Self, just like nature introduce itself in it's own way and time, will be revealed to you to experience and enjoy.

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