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Satori Movement - What is it?

chris knight

27-06-2004 13:08:22

From Japanese Buddhism, the word satori means "realize." Many consider the word to mean "enlightenment."

This calm state of realization can be reached by any meditation practice.

Dyer discusses the moments of Satori in this article

He calls it an "Awakening..."

What does Satori mean to you?


01-07-2004 08:11:18

"Truth is a pathless land. Men cannot come to it through any organization, creed, dogma, priest or ritual".


"You" can never reach Satori.

Because satori is a concept of your thinking mind.
The thinking mind is the creator of illusion.

Stop thinking about satori


01-07-2004 13:59:23

When I first read of Satori in one of Dyer's books, I instantly remember those times when such an experience did happen to me. But the strange thing about Satori is that it is just experienced by you. You cannot hope to describe, define it or even relate to it again. But you know within you that it has happened to you. You have had an experience of God. When I was more focused on the Chakras, I remember people discussing Kundalini and how it felt, etc. But Kundalini is like Satori in that the one experiencing it cannot fully describe what they just experienced. Those that claim to have had an experience, and describe it in detail, I believe have not. When you go into the moment - into the silence of silence - to the point of no thought - do you recall what takes place? No, all you do is know you were there in that moment and you experience something. Satori is not experienced in the "thinking mind" - it is experience in the One Mind - the quiet mind - the mind of no past nor future - the mind of now.

Namaste - Ron


06-06-2006 19:49:03

Dr. Dyer once spoke of a Native American word which also meant Great Awakening. Does someone recall what that word was and from what tribe. I remember the lady being down on her luck, Dr. Dyer helped her out and she spoke this word to him.