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Martial Arts and Dyers Teachings


04-10-2004 12:54:57

Was wondering what members think about martial arts and self protection in relation to Waynes teachings. I am considering stopping my training after a considerable number of years do to the fact that some of the techniques both armed and unarmed could possibly result in the death of an attacker. Not quite sure what to think or feel about the matter as i haved loved the arts for many years. Also, something interesting, the other day was on Chopras site and members were all talking about when the good doctor repelled an attacker with a baseball bat. You go doc LOL


05-11-2004 15:49:17

What I know about martial arts, I've learned theoritically. In fact, I know a lot about the philosophy of martial arts and the means its used to released and gained energy and personal discipline. The only martial art I practice is tai'chi.

So I think that if you practice your martial arts with discipline, with the right state of mind, which is not one of competitiveness, but rather one of non-agression, you can only continue to grow!

Marlène Gagnon