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Not sure where this fits here


05-07-2004 17:26:33

I read the email about it, posting an introduction, open letters to Wayne Dyer and what was the name of his first wife?

I clicked on one link which brought me here.

If this isn't the right place you can delete it.

As to writing to Wayne, I once wrote to him in care of Nightengale-Conent (don't know the address off hand, but it might be on the web. I got it off a tape set I have) Wayne got it, and answered right back, with a note, and 3 paperback books (one autographed). The brown envelope it came in had what I believe is his home address in FL, but this was maybe 5 years ago, and if I still have the enevelope it's in some of my boxes of "stuff")

I think Wayne is now being published by Hay House, so anything sent to him there would be forwarded, I imagine.

As to his first wife, I remember her name as Susan.

He mentioned her in the earlier books, and I was surprised at one point to see him give his wife's name as Marcelene.

~ Carrie