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Wayne Dyer's 8 Children

chris knight

01-07-2004 07:09:28

We know Skye Dyer is Wayne's twenty-something year old daughter that is touring with him now.

I've met Tracy Dyer in 1998 when I attended a Baltimore lecture by Dr. Dyer (I was in town for ISPCON (an ISP convention)) and was lucky enough to catch Wayne speaking.

Wayne was kind enough to sign my Manifest Your Destiny Book

Ok, who are the other 6 kids?

7-1-2004 UPDATE; pp 48-49 in Wayne Dyer's newest book, The Power of Intention, he wrote "My daughter Sommer has written from her experience about how small acts of kindness go a long way..."


01-07-2004 16:43:01

I listen to Wayne each morning as I walk and have often heard him talk about his children. I recall


Still missing two.

chris knight

04-07-2004 06:53:12

Wayne Dyer said, "...my wife, to whom I was married to for twenty years and have seven children with, met somebody else and left me."
Source http://www.newvisionsmagazine.com/september2003/dyer0903.html

Ok, does he have only have 7 children or does he have 8? If he has 8, who is the mother of the 8th child?


04-07-2004 08:44:26

He does say he has 8 children.

The earlier books also mention his wife as "Susan" (if I remember right). Not Marecelene. I have the older books (YOUR ERRONEOUS ZONES, PULLING YOUR OWN STRINGS, THE SKY'S THE LIMIT but don't have them out, on hand). I remember reading in one book, it being dedicated t his wife, Marcelene and thinking.. Huh?

In one of his talks he later mentioned his first marriage.

He may have had a child with the first wife.

His children have unusual names, but they are nice names)

I just looked through google search to find a bio of him, but couldn't find anything more than the short one that's given out about his books.

I found a site with a Wayne Dyer egroup link and decided to join. But, it was "restricted" (all members must be approved). Nothing wrong with that, but in the joining, there was a box where I was supposed to write a comment to the moderator, saying why I wanted to join. I didn't notice this the first time, so it came back up as an error. I think this is so the moderator will get a personal email and be able to check the IP number. And make sure it's not someone they have thrown off trying to rejoin.

otherwise, seems like the person could just join and then write a comment about why they wanted to join (to the group).

So, I decided it wasn't in line with what I believe Wayne Dyer teaches and is for. Not that my IP number is listed as banned and wouldn't be allowed (LOL)

Speaking of autographs, I once wrote a comment from something I heard on a tape set TO Wayne (via Nightengale-Conent) and he responded, personally, with a note. Sending me 3 of his paperback books, one (EVERYDAY WISDOM) autographed. This shows he really does live what he teaches, unlike some.

Later someone who was having problems in their life was visiting me and I showed her the autographed book, she said she LOVES Wayne! So, I gave her my copy of EVERYDAY WISDOM (I had once been given as a gift) because I now had the autographed one.

This is my first post here, due to an email I received (thanks Chris!) with a link to this topic.

I have a good feeling about it. I like having a group to come to first thing in the morning, with my coffee to get going on the day.

~ Carrie


04-07-2004 10:21:37

The 7th child is Stephanie Dyer, although I think she really is
Marcelene's child from her first marriage to an Englishman. I don't
know if Wayne perhaps adopted her or something when they got married,
and that would be why her last name is Dyer.

The 8th child is Shane Humble. He is Marcelene's firstborn and not Wayne's biological child. He grew up mostly in England with his father and I guess that is why
in older interviews Wayne sometimes states he has 7 children. He then
moved to America for college, and it seems like he ended up staying
because Wayne has talked about him very recently. He always refers to
him as his oldest son, and always to this day says he has 6 daughters
and two sons, so I would guess they have a good relationship, even
with the divorce and all. Wayne once shared in an interview that his
oldest son got married so maybe that is why he stayed in America.

I have a taped lecture with Marcelene Dyer from 2000 where she shares
the stories of how she moved to England with her first husband, gave
birth to 2 children there in the mid 70s (Shane and Stephanie)and
then divorced him and moved back to America, met Wayne and then they
had 5 children together in the 80s (Skye, Sommer, Serena, Sands,
Saje). Wayne's oldest child, Tracy, is from his first marriage. Hope
this helps a bit.



04-07-2004 10:40:55

Wow, Caroline

You really know your Dyer.

Now we all do, too.


chris knight

01-08-2004 07:51:04

The 7th child is Stephanie Dyer, although I think she really is
Marcelene's child from her first marriage to an Englishman. I don't
know if Wayne perhaps adopted her or something when they got married,
and that would be why her last name is Dyer.
I was just re-reading the 10 Secrets to Success and Inner Peace, and saw that Wayne had dedicated the book to
"For my daughter
Stephanie Louise Dyer--
you mean everything to me"
One could hypothetically guess that the "Louise" is in reference to Louise Hay of HayHouse, Wayne's current publisher...