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Where Wayne Went To College - Wayne State University & U

chris knight

01-07-2004 07:02:02

"In 1962, he began his college studies. He received his doctorate in counseling and psychology from Wayne State University and the University of Michigan, and has taught at many levels of education from high school through graduate study at St. John's University in New York"

Source http://www.wisdomstore.com/wisdomstore/biography.asp?author_id=577
Hmmm, ironic that "Wayne" would go to "Wayne" State University? D

Any alumni remember or recall Wayne in college? (long shot, but thought I'd ask.)

chris knight

14-08-2004 14:45:37

And it was the same year that Abraham Maslow died.

Maslow had a profound impact on Dyer and Dyer references him often throughout his works.