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Want To Go To A Wayne Dyer PBS Filming Seminar?

chris knight

09-10-2005 13:17:41

INSPIRATION Your Ultimate Calling - San Francisco PBS Filming

Date November 10, 2005
Time 700 pm - 1000 pm
Sponsored by Hay House
Location Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA

Details In this all-new lecture based on Wayne Dyer’s upcoming book, INSPIRATION Your Ultimate Calling (March 2006), Wayne explains how to live an inspired life—one that evolves from Spirit. We all came here for a reason, and Wayne will help you understand and acknowledge what that purpose is. He provides specific examples of ways to recognize your ultimate calling, and shows you how to start living an inspired life . . . today!

This event is being filmed for future broadcast on PBS. Late arrrivals will not be seated... More details

Anyone going? If so, please post a trip report when you return! - )