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Wayne Dyer to be on QVC on March 30 and has his own radio sh


14-03-2005 08:06:01

Wayne Dyer is going to be on QVC on March 30 and also has his own radio show on Hayhouse radio.com. Check it out.

It's on Monday. 1pm pacific and repeat at 4pm.


chris knight

14-03-2005 08:30:19

Thanks Jkygogo for sharing this with us. 8)

Dyer on QVC

Details from the QVC site on the appearance

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer "the Power Of Intention"
Wed 3/30/2005 9 PM - 10 PM CT & 12 AM - 1 AM CT

Inga Miller

14-03-2005 18:57:32

I was thrilled to listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer today on the radio, wow! I have been following him since 1979, and now a new medium to give me kick starts every now and then. Its funny, you can just about tell what Wayne is going to say, by the question being asked, and the "buts" that arrive in the conversations!

I was wondering though, is Dr. Dyer still married, does anyone know?

Foresthill CA


15-03-2005 18:57:27

No, He's not married. I think he has a girlfriend now.