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Evening with Wayne Dyer - November 4th Denver

chris knight

07-10-2004 16:51:38

Breathing deeper Evergreen Spiritual Center promotes unity

"It's a kind of a metaphysical Christianity," said Cayce Chalk, a Conifer resident and the center's unofficial administrator. "It honors all love-based paths to God." Besides coordinating volunteers, Chalk is helping to organize two special events this autumn. One is a three-day retreat to be held at the Sunrise Ranch in Loveland in October.

The other, co-sponsored by the Evergreen Spiritual Center and Rocky Mountain PBS, is an evening with nationally prominent spiritualist and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer. The event, which is open to the public, will take place at the Denver Marriott West. Among his other accomplishments, Dyer has authored dozens of books including Your Erroneous Zones, a New York Times bestseller.

The center, a mere 10 souls in the beginning, is growing steadily. Sustained wholly by the efforts and donations of it members, its ability to attract new members is testament to the appeal of Hall's message. "Namaste," Hall said, neatly expresses the point of Evergreen Spiritual Center. It is a Sanskrit word meaning "I honor the place in you where we are both one".

After about 10 minutes, the meditation is complete. "When you're ready," Lanier whispers to the now-tranquil group, "come back. Notice this beautiful place this beautiful day."

For more information about Evergreen Spiritual Center, or to sign up for center classes and events, such as the evening with Wayne Dyer, visit www.evergreen-spiritual-center.org.

November 4th
Marriot Denver West
700 PM

$48 - $98 USD for tickets.