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PBS Specials - The Wayne Dyer Infomercial

chris knight

02-10-2004 09:41:34

An excerpt of something I found interesting related to the PBS specials that Wayne does

"Sat., July 12

"You just can't win." That should be the PBS slogan. They've been using "Be more," but whichever kind of more the public network tries to be, the less happy its critics are.

And there were critics galore this morning when PBS president Pat Mitchell and her programming team took the stage at press tour to take questions from TV reporters who must have thought they were at HBO's "Carnivale" carnival party playing a target-shooting midway game where Mitchell's gang was in the gunsights. Challenges flew about public TV's incessant pledge drives now there's a new criticism and how the shows presented then to raise funds are actually more like infomercials for Suze Orman, Wayne Dyer and other purveyors of themselves. Well, said Mitchell, pledge brings in half our stations' revenue, and these shows garner pledges, and until we can find something else to do that, we've got to go with what brings in the bucks."

Source http://www.nynewsday.com/entertainment/custom/pets/ny-presstourblog,0,5497536.htmlstory?coll=nyc-pets-headlines

My thoughts on the matter I think it's marketing brilliance for Wayne to be using PBS as a vehicle to raise awareness of his brand, his products, and his messages. 8)

Any comments?