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"Who watches this kind of nonsense?" Negative PBS

chris knight

30-08-2004 07:13:42

Not so nice comments about our friend, Wayne Dyer...

Here is an excerpt
..."And there is the dreadful Dr. Wayne Dyer. Why have him on so frequently? His dizzying chats, his incomprehensible and contradictory philosophies on life, awaken in me bad memories of incomprehensible lectures from my student days, when professors tended to mystify subjects that their job required them to simplify. You walk away from him with impressions of bad sweaters on a psychobabbling spiritualist speaking to an uncomprehending audience of middle-aged New Agers seeking elusive truths about life and revelations that may never materialize. Who watches this kind of nonsense?"

Author of the above comments "HENRY GEKONDE"


Care to share any comments or response to Henry's comments?


30-08-2004 09:06:27

Hi Henry )

I'm an Australian, we don't get PBS here unfortunately. I would love to be able to tune in on a daily bases to such positivity, empowerment and inspiration.

I respect your point of view, although my experience of Dr. Wayne Dyer is extremely different. I recently attended Dr. Dyer's seminar here in Australia, and found he's insight and method both compassionet and compeling, by the end of the seminar if i could of booked tickets for he's next visit to Australia i would of purchased them then and there!, i look forward to Dr. Dyer's next visit to Australia. D

You state in your entry that you find Dr. Dyer's insights incomperehensible, presonaly speaking for myself, " i have never heard anything make more sense! ", " than the Power Of Intention ".

Let me point out that i am not a ( as you worded it ) a " middle aged new ager ", what ever that means.
I'm a person experiencing the small wonders and joys of life.

Henry an " open heart and a open mind " can be so rewarding and empowering. D

" I wish you all the very best in life ". warm regards Shelley

Tyroneous Pounderflea

26-05-2005 21:02:09

Hey Henry sorry we all don't believe in your God, you have an opinion, as I do, here is mine. I'm glade your a skeptic it makes everyone look harder at the divine that makes them beatuiful. But when you bash someone because you can't comprehend there ideas is shows how ignorant you are. Personally I think your a STRAP.
>T. Pounderflea<