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From his 2006 PBS Special

chris knight

08-03-2006 13:01:17

Dr. Wayne Dyer said,

"I anticipate a planet at peaceóalong with health, abundance, and love in my life and in the lives of all othersóand I know that itís moving in this direction. I know that for every act of apparent evil, there are a million acts of kindness. Thatís where I place my attention, and thatís what I choose to give away. By doing so for the larger percentage of my days, my reward is a feeling of being in harmony with purpose. I have a song to sing, and by staying "in-Spirit" Iím able to sing it all day, every day."

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12-03-2006 15:36:17

The quote with which you launch this discussion IS Inspiring - especially after the guests he featured in this great show - Ryan and Immaculee - I immediately went to ask.com to read more about Ryan's well and Immaculee's book "Left to Tell" -

If only our media (tv, newspapers) would focus on people like these as headlines and put positive energy into people's minds, building that pool of positive energy in our world.......

There are more people doing good than evil; fortunately we have people like Wayne Dyer and Oprah to bring these people to our attention!

I have been greatly inspired with Wayne Dyer's books over the years - he's been the literal glue that's held me together! Jacqui