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What if you don't have control over what you're contemplat..


25-06-2006 23:12:24


I have a silly sort of question. What if you don't have control over the result of what you're contemplating? Should you still bother contemplating it? Like, what if you want some one to contact you, but you have no way of getting a hold of them, can you contemplate them just contacting you out of the blue? Or, is that ridiculous because you have no control over other people's actions?

Do you have to have control in what you are contemplating?


27-06-2006 10:25:12

Hi Alice,
I think first I'd like to say, there are no silly questions. That's what this forum is all about! In Dr. Dyer's book, "The Power Of Intetion" he addresses this topic in detail. First, Move away from hoping, wishing, praying and begging for the right person or people to show up in your life! Second, see your invisible connection to the person you'd like to attract and know that the same positive energy is flowing from them too! Third, form a picture in your mind of meeting that person! Never, ever let that picture be blurred or clouded by negativity or doubt! Finally, detach from the outcome and practice infinite patience! Know that whatever the outcome it's what is supposed to be. I'm a true believe in, "everything happens for a reason". When you generate positive thoughts from everything that happens in your live the whole world changes! ) I hope that helps!


29-06-2006 00:16:22

Thank you, that helps a lot!


17-08-2006 11:06:57

Alice, I'm glad you asked this question because I have the same one, sort of. I recently broke off a relationship with a man who, the people who love me say, it's good that I did. Anyway, I'm very sad that this person is gone, even though he has problems and hasn't contacted me to try and work things out. I've often wondered while reading Wayne Dyer if I contemplate him contacting me will he? What do you all think?

Thank you so much.