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Realm of Possibility


14-12-2005 23:14:53

From my short time on this earth I had found that nothing is out of the realm of possibility I think most can agree with that, knowing this, the job of the person is to choose what possibility they want for themselves, now let say a certain situation happens and many possibilities can stem from this occurrence, the person faced with this occurrence chooses which possibility he/she beliefs would make them happy, however this possibility they choose cannot be realized for lets say a time duration of one years time, now in that time that person may falter as to contemplating themselves as being surrounded by the conditions they want to produce to get this possibility, whether in thoughts or actions, and perhaps this person falters many times thinking negatively or thinking too much in this years time, thinking oh that possibility I’m going after bleh no way…. that type of thing…… does the fact that this person faltered thinking about what possibility they wanted in a positive optimistic all the time risk that from not happening?
Or when someone makes a decision like that, if there feelings were strong enough and dedicated to this possibility they wanted does that set the course of events in motion to achieve that despite the negative thoughts or actions they had?Or would you say that even if this person thought oppisite from the possibility they wanted that if that thought about what they wanted more often than the negative the event would transpire, in other words we are what we think most often?


03-01-2006 12:50:20

First off, wow that's confusing! D I think Dr. Dyer would probably say, 'when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change'

Second, there is absolutely never a right or a wrong move in life there is just. life. Some moves result in negative results and others in positive but both are necessary on the path to our purpose. Perhaps all the things that have happened should have happened. In other words, the thoughts you are feeling are all part of the plan to get you where you need to be.

Third, we shouldn't question our purpose. When you say, the word 'falter' I assume you are having doubts about things. Well, that's perfectly normal when hte ego is in control. Let go of your ego, trust in the Creator and all things. You are here for a purpose... everything you need is already here... believe 'it will work', and it will. Perhaps not exactly as your 'ego' planned but it will. Trust in your intuition, always be loving, kind, generous and by all means see beauty in all things. Have faith... in yourself and in the spirit that created you...and is you.