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One More:)...If you do comtemplate and it doesn't work out?


28-07-2005 23:10:46

If you do contemplate the conditions which you wish to be surrounded by and you don't get what you want , how do you know if you are conteplating correctly or would Dyer say some things aren't meant to be?


09-08-2005 01:39:48

Hi Faithgirl,

I wouldn't say that they are not meant to be. Perhaps just not lined up in your 'bigger picture of things' YET. Sometimes, we wish for something without realizing we may not be spiritually, mentally or emotionally ready for something. At these times, we have a gut feeling that our instincts are right. (A gut feeling about a gut feeling? Go figure that one out, eh? wink ) When we feel that they are right, we must make an active choice to pursue those things.

At other times, we are visualizing but we are getting too myopic or too focused on the intent, we are actually not allowing the process to take it's natural course. We are sooooo intent sometimes on something that we fail to realize that the 'intensity of the intenseness' is driven by fear that it will not come to you. By then subconsciously encouraging this, the intent we wanted doesn't manifest itself. We need to see the bigger picture and most times, some things just don't come to you because really, it's for your own good.

The thing is to have that intent because it comes from a sense of your being; a sense of Who You Are. With that knowing all the intentions you dream of will naturally align itself with your higher knowledge of Who You Are. If you can place your highest confidence and trust in that knowledge (and i'm not talking the ego side of your personality) then you can trust that the all Mighty Wheels of Creation in this Universe will see to it that you get what you 'want' without any effort. The inner belief must be unwavering and very strong and that strength comes from sheer 'knowing' and instinct of the 'Being That You Are'.

for example, I've always been a creative person who loves making films, telling stories. All the stuff that has happened to me has aligned with that inner conviction. I just can't BE anything else, you get it? Even the things that haven't worked out for me has gone on to give me even more belief in Who I Am. They've in fact, strengthened my belief in that sense. Isn't that strange? From the 'failures' at work to the broken relations...it's all showing me at the end of the day "This is Who I Am or Am Not". Then I start visualizing the things that are aligned with "Who I Am" and normally they manifest themselves beautifully in my Life!

Love ya faithgirl and I hope you get what you want!! JellyHuggies!

From the Jellster!