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How To Increase The Focus of Your Intention?

chris knight

16-06-2004 10:22:02

"Contemplate Yourself Surrounded By The Conditions You Want To Produce"

Sounds easy. Any suggestions or recommendations on how to do this consistently?


16-06-2004 13:47:12

This one is easy to see and write, but a real challenge to accomplish. To be consistent in my intentions, I must take it a moment at a time - a present moment by moment.

Namaste - Ron


16-06-2004 14:07:15

As I continue to pursue my intention, I am experiencing being LED. I have been able to believe that the universe will, indeed, handle the details. More and more, the details that I feel led to recognize are in a consistent pattern of moving toward my better self. All these little "coincidences" feel as though I have been discerned. This is a new and radical change from past efforts and experience. Nothing in the past has ever let me have faith in it or in myself. I will continue. Ann


07-07-2004 00:04:23

My feeling is we need to
Practice!, Practice! Practice! I think you need to learn it like any other habit.
Go into it with no expectation, otherwise you will tend to force yourself. Quiet your mind chattter and open up a space within you to begin contemplating yourself surrounded by the conditions you want in your life. As you practice you become better at creating what you want. Give yourself time, be patient.
Discipline is part of the equation. Remember it's all already there for you like hidden treasure waiting to be found! D


30-10-2004 08:13:48

It is hard to let go of the control and let God do his job. I come to this site every time I need that reminder.




30-10-2004 17:16:12

Perhaps, just perhaps your mission is to allow God to work through you, instead of you playing at being God?

Namaste - Ron