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Hi, how long does it take to manifest when you "Contemp


19-01-2005 02:52:44

Hi, how long does it take to manifest when you "Contemplate yourself as surrounded by the conditions you want to produce? I've been working on something for around a week and I still don't have it. What has been your experience?



Mr. Scott

20-01-2005 14:33:38

It isnt an instant gratification thing. Its an evolution in thinking in that takes time. When you start this, you have to not only accept the idea, you have to belong to the idea, and the more stubborn you are, the longer it can take. It takes persistence and the more persistent you are, the more you will begin to see results. You'll slip at times too, just like everybody does -- you're a human and its going to happen and its OK. But the more you practice and the more you belong to the idea; the more you will FEEL that you are evolving and are on the right track. Its weird, it will put you in a better state of mind which helps facilitate the manifestation of the world you want to live in too. I'm no expert on this, but I believe in it not only on a spiritual level, but on a practical one as well. Spend the time to think about what you're saying, what you're thought are -- and make an effort to turn those thoughts positive and act positive and things WILL work out. Really. Consider it an inside joke that you and the universe have and you can smile knowing that the good ol universe in on your side.


09-06-2005 12:37:50

I think it really depends on what you are trying to manifest.

If one is contemplating being a master guitarist then it's going to take quite a bit longer than if one contemplates a new or better project at work.


20-06-2005 18:58:30

J wrote "Hi, how long does it take to manifest when you "Contemplate yourself as surrounded by the conditions you want to produce? I've been working on something for around a week and I still don't have it."

Response the first thing that I thought when reading your post is that you never left go of what you were trying to accomplish. You do indeed have it - that is the thought - please let it go and don't wait for it to appear - get on with your path and simply be aware when it appears - and it may appear different from what you had in mind. If you continue to look for it, you will never see it. If you keep anticipating it, it will never be known to you. You must let go. It is not in your control.

Namaste - Ron


28-02-2006 22:51:05

May be is time to let it go...trust it is going to happen and trust God's wisdom. I have noticed sometimes takes years.


04-10-2006 13:53:00

Act "as if", in other words, believe and behave as if it is happening and remain positive that it will come to you. It's happening in my life at this moment-things are coming together for myself and my husband as I never had envisioned. It will happen when it happens, but it will be in God's time.


25-11-2006 10:05:51

I dunno Jkygogo...I'm having a problem with people throwing in a deadline for something to manifest like it's gotta make it in the early morning papers tomorrow or something along those lines, man.

I sincerely feel this contemplation thing goes hand in hand with the knowing thing, if you get my drift?

Maybe one shouldn't waste 'time' contemplating something that one instinctively knows isn't what they came here to do. What one should contemplate on is on the knowing of what their purpose already is, and with that in mind, just taking the plunge and making choices that manifest the purpose or purposes they knew they are here for.

I mean it's no point wishing for a soulmate or even contemplating one when one knows one isn't ready for a real giving relationship. It's no use contemplating on money if one thinks and feels poor, given the external conditions of their life, more so if poverty was something one grew up with. However, if one KNOWS one is rich despite being surrounded by poverty, then this person KNOWS that someday (without needing time to determine anything) he/she will be rich. Automatically, when this person lets go the illusion, lets the thoughts and ego like erm...GO, then this person will somehow take the steps to wealth even though he doesn't have a clue how he's going to get to his destination.

Knowing is a thing that overrides belief or any other pre-conditioned perception and whatever one contemplates on must focus on knowing and then letting the illusion recede because knowing takes over.

Like for example, I always had this knowing that I would be in TV, music or film and in the old days, I tried reallly, reallly hard to get in but failed. But when I came to a turning point in my life where I had to let go everything and literally lost everything from my car to my apartment, my friends and my potential lover, I just focused on my Knowing, my inner Soul Life, my very being down to every cell was meant to achieve my purpose in this very creative field and whad'ya know, 7 years down the road, I'm living it.

I merely contemplated on what I already knew, what this Intelligence that was given to me had to create.

I feel we are all Tools to create Life which is Love and the sooner we get in touch with ourselves as Tools (no ego here) we can manifest faster. Once we release the thinking-ego mode and our preconceived ideals and beliefs about ourselves based on what the world tells us, we will never be able to discover this power.

As Wayne says in his Meditations for Manifestations CD, 'It's the ego that gets in the way.' and boy, is he right!