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Meeting other positive connected deliberate creators


05-05-2004 18:04:03

I am interested in connecting with other positive connected (to Source) deliberate creators, in tune with Abraham and Dyer, in the Pasadena CA area. D


12-08-2004 21:53:10


I am in Long Beach Ca and I am also interested in talking to others who are trying to find there higher self.


chris knight

12-08-2004 22:01:14


I am in Long Beach Ca and I am also interested in talking to others who are trying to find there higher self.

Hi Robinia

Welcome to the discussion and I'm glad you're a member.

Long Beach is a beautiful area to live I bet. 8) Just South of you, I always try to make a stop at San Onofre beach whenever I'm in Southern Cal as it's one of my favorite beaches for its lack of crowds and quality of beach.

I look forward to seeing your thoughts on any of the threads in this board or create new ones whenever your spirit moves you to.

chris knight

12-08-2004 22:07:39

I am interested in connecting with other positive connected (to Source) deliberate creators, in tune with Abraham and Dyer, in the Pasadena CA area. D

How's it going?

When I toured your fine city a year ago (was looking for new places to live in California), I took some pictures near your city hall

Curious Would you know who those two men in the big head sculptures are and what is the story behind them or their significance?



25-10-2004 19:26:02

Hi there.

I would like to meet up and talk with *like minded* people too, BUT I am in United Kingdom, West Sussex. I guess there isn't anybody on here from there???? (


09-11-2004 17:17:56

I think this is something most of us desire. I'm in Wilmington, NC. There must be literally millions of us out there...but as we are not "out there" like so many who are pushing their point of view on others, we seem to be hard to find. However, if those are our predominant thoughts, of course, they will be manifest. By contemplating ourselves being surrounded by like-spirited souls, we will create that for ourselves, whether it be in California, West Sussex or Wilmington


12-05-2005 00:55:30

Hi All!!

I live in Irvine, CA--Would love to meet all of you; if not in person, at least drop me a line sometime--> kalstar2002@yahoo.com
Wishing all of you success on this wild and crazy journey!! )


07-06-2005 16:49:50


I live in the L.A. area and also would love to be surrounded by others with who are surrounding themselves by the conditions they want to produce! I love the life I have created for myself over the past few years by living by WD's and other similar philosophy.

Besides creating a homefront and career that supports being a single mom, I have also dropped 50 pounds, become somewhat proficient at kayak surfing and have almost lost all traces of the Type A Driver personality with road rage that defined me not that long ago. I feel joy today as my son's primary role model rather than the dread I used to feel because of my fear of loss of control.

I always seem to "stumble" into the right place at the right time when I need something, hehe.

I am finding today that my focus is all about LETTING GO of any connection to the negative energy in my workplace...really letting go, not just ignoring it! I am ALLOWING myself to be released from it and to find the Namaste in all of this. I have believed this way for most of my adult life...I'm a very energetic and athletic 50 now, but it's only recently that I've been really willing to let go. So much more in me to say, but for now this is enough... wink


15-06-2005 21:06:53

Wow. P Could you elaborate a little more on how you are able to let go of negative energy in the workplace? What sort of things do you tell yourself? How are you able to rise above the toxic stuff? I need your answer and am so grateful that you wrote. Thank you.


16-06-2005 10:18:14

Hi Celia. It happened overnight! I was listening to Dr. Dyer speak on PBS and it just clicked in...I realized that we use a lot of terminology in our workplace like "tolerance"...when what that means to me is that tolerating someone is STILL judging them...in other words if I apply tolerance I am putting myself above them, saying to myself that I am better than they are BUT I will tolerate them, or allow them to be here too even though I don't like them, agree with them, think they are o.k....see what I mean? Well, I realized that if we are all ONE BODY then what I really mean to do is love and respect the entire body, whether it is in the connected mode or the resisted mode, which we all are/were or will be at different times right? So, when I hear gossiping or negativity I just don't entertain the old thoughts now...the old thoughts were conscious self messages to tune the negativity out, or thinking about how sad it is that they are in that frame of mind or how I don't want to BE LIKE THEM, or whatever...all amounting to building up stress within ME in the end anyway! All the time I tried to isolate, ignore, tune out...I was absorbing! I'm no longer absorbing.

Now, who I choose to hang out with is MY CHOICE. I choose to hang out with others who are creating, self-fulfilling and positive because that interests me and makes me happy.

I guess the big difference right now is that I don't have to rationalize anything...not my feelings towards people or reasons for who I like. My coworkers who are not connected to their source energy are where they are and the only thing for me to do is stay connected to my source energy (I know...same source as theirs, hehe), and live MY life fully. Perhaps they will be positively influenced, perhaps not...does not change MY course. Does me no good to be frustrated.

Dr. Dyer said that it is not my business what other people think of me and that my judging them does not define them, it only indicates I have a need to judge them.

I used to find myself shaking my head in disapproval, or even discussing my feelings with others about others...all the time taking the "high road" because I was really gossiping about people gossiping...where on earth does that end, lol. There is no high road. Taking the high road is just putting myself above them so to treat them in a condescending manner and it comes across whether meaning to or not.

Ya know, mama was right when she said you attract more bees with honey! I am finding that when we are in a LOVE ALL mode we are irrisistable, even to those who have shunned us. Love is disarming.

I had two opportunities this week to transform my old habits, both with ladies who have tons of resistance. In the first case it was someone who feels threatened by my emerging outer beauty and has recently treated me to some southern belle style insults (underhanded)...I shared some of my newfound spirituality with her instead of confronting her...we both left the conversation with positive energy! The 2nd situation was with a coworker who is struggling to prove herself by trying to tear down someone else...I merely distracted her from her rantings and shared some trivial reality t.v. feedback with her... we both watch. She forgot her trail of woes for a while, we laughed. In effect, I shut down the ranting next to my cubicle for a while and we both benefited! D


16-06-2005 22:10:05

Thank you again. I'm not sure if I understand all of what you wrote but I am allowing myself to absorb the ideas and I will re-read that message.

I have decided to leave my job and am contemplating myself surrounded with a more loving, productive situation. Since finalizing this decision, which I have contemplated for so long, I feel more at peace.

I have been judging, yes, and I've also felt hurt by very negative attacking and/or unloving interactions that have escalated intensely this week. It is hard to see these meanies as worthy of my love.

I don't wish to be reactionary, but deep down I feel that the negative energy is hard to send love too. Self love would suggest I go elsewhere and try to give a silent blessing to those people who I feel so hurt by.

I am confused, sad and elated all at once.


18-06-2005 21:01:05

I think the point being made here Celia is not to 'absorb' the negativity around you.

This takes lots of practice. Not only not to absorb it but not to participate in it. For me the greatest lesson is not to judge anyone. If someone is being mean spirited, I figure that is where they are in their life and its not for me to decide they should be anywhere or anything else.

When I hear someone else critising that negative person, I try to get them to have some understanding. In my mind there is no evil intention just misunderstood intentions. Try not to look at the actions of other but the what leads to that action. Even if you don't understand, there's a reason.

Eventually you let go and accept people for the place they are in there lives at that moment. Most of the time it has absolutely nothing to do with you. In Dr. Dyers Secret of Success tapes he mentions rule number 6, it is the greatest rule I ever heard "Don't take yourself too seriously"
Incidentally there are no other rules. If you don't take yourself too seriously nothing can touch you. Ever


06-07-2005 16:10:34

I work in Pasadena sometimes, Chris. The two sculptures you posted images of are of baseball legend Jackie Robinson and his brother Mack. Not sure what Mack did that is noteworthy though.

chris knight

07-07-2005 08:45:27

I work in Pasadena sometimes, Chris. The two sculptures you posted images of are of baseball legend Jackie Robinson and his brother Mack. Not sure what Mack did that is noteworthy though.


Now the mystery is solved.

- )