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The power of music


07-07-2004 10:51:50

I've been playing some of my "made" CDS (songs I like and feel especially good when I listen to).

So many times I've put on a CD or tape, after not playing music for awhile and feel such an uplifting! This has gotta be Connection to Intention (Source)

One of my favorite CDs to uplift is JOSH GROBAN (I like his first CD better than the later ones)

I also like CLAY AIKEN (From American Idol) but only have a few of his songs I've downloaded in various ways )

Both singers seem to have so much positive energy, doing what they love, singing from their heart and soul.

Not that they're the only ones, of course.

Maybe this is one of the main reasons people do love music (and various kinds, not all like the same). Because it's a joining of sorts. With the energy and emotions of the music, the person singing/playing it and also the others who also feel this way about it.

Joining and uplifting.

Not sure which topic this belongs in, I'm still trying to sort them out.

But, I'm currently reading THE POWER OF INTENTION and this seems to fit.

Right now I feel I could sit here forever, playing CDs on the computer and changing some of my photos with effects, and putting affirmations and words on them.

This must be where "Follow your bliss" comes in. Not Wayne Dyer (Joesph Campbell, I believe) but I'm sure Wayne has said it and believes it.

Happiness to you,

~ Carrie


12-07-2004 21:20:09

Hey Carrie,
I think you are right on with the way that music affects us. There are two universal languages. They are music and math. The difference between them is this Math- there is one answer,Music- has infinite possibilty. I love how with technology music is showing how mathematical it is and can infinitely be and Math , with theorem and method is showing its creative side.

With music, I like to see it this way
In music theory, Harmony is basically a group of notes that evoke a specific feeling and/or emotion in a music composition. Those notes played together make what you call a Musical Chord.

The human body, when going through a particular experience in one moment, requires the use of many different feelings and/or signals that make the emotion identifiable by you.

The chord you make in music composition directly correllates with the human experience.

Its amazing Carrie! Keep listening and learning as I am sure you will.
Thank you for letting me think it through.

Have a good evening.



19-07-2004 14:01:09

I too, certainly agree.

Music, Art, Math, Physics, Writing, Programming,etc.. are all the voices of transcendal energies.

The more we learn about them, the closer we are to our "spritual nature" of being.

Way to go, guys! Thanks so much for the reminder.