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let go or contemplate what i want?


17-08-2006 12:20:14

Hi. I've been good friends and more than friends with a man for the past year. This man has many negative flaws and issues. After finding out the truth about his divorce I wrote him and told him I couldln't trust him. He hasn't contacted me. Even though he was selfish and moody and many more things, I am hurt he didn't contact me. I miss this person. (You all must think I'm nuts.) Anyway, as I read Wayne I think maybe if I contemplate this person contacting me it will happen. Can intention work in this way?

Thank you so much.


30-08-2006 22:28:49

I feel the pain in your writing. It is so hard when one leaves us no matter the cause. You were correct in expressing your feelings to this person. The fact that he chose not to address them and ignore you is perhaps a blessing. I know it does not feel that way and trust me I have been there. The pain still exists no matter what the situation. I want to suggest something that worked for me in a similar situation (yes, it was very unpleasant and I will not go into details). I thought that I was truly in love with this man and our relationship was over. Lost in all the agony of the situation, I started writing on a piece of paper. It had two columns. One side was his good qualities, the other was his bad qualities. When I finished the list, I was shocked. The good quality side was very short and bad just went on and on (like my love for him). Then I started a second piece of paper and I titled it "My Perfect Man" I listed all the qualities I wanted in a man. Most of these qualities came from a complilation of things from the first list. This may sound like work but I was so lost in pain I could barely cope. After writing the lists, it gave me a little more perspective. I put both lists away in box because I did not want anyone to read them and know how messed up I was. I would like to say things changed immediately but that is not the case. After putting the lists away I decided to try to get back into life to any degree that I could. I joined clubs and took trips. Two years later I met the man of my dreams (from the list of my perfect man). He met every item on the list except one (smoking). I did not find this list again until about 6 months into the relationship and when I read it, I knew the universe had given me the man of my dreams.

Okay, long story but please do not "settle for" something that can affect your entire life. Go for the gold and know that the universe will assist you in those desires. Write your list and put it away. It's like the saying "Let go and Let God" because once you write the list and put it away, you're letting go of the situation and putting it in the hands of God (or All-that-Is or the Universe or whatever you call your higher power.)

Wishing you peace and joy,



31-08-2006 07:27:49

Thank you so much for your kind letter and advice. The funny thing is that a few years ago I made a list of the qualities I wanted in a man. I knew all along that this person didn't have any of these qualities. I really needed your email; I woke up this morning second guessing myself.

Thank you!!


02-10-2006 20:46:38

I can certainly relate to being with a man who is definitely not the 'man of your dreams.' And the pain that is caused when he leaves. This (the break-up) just happened to me two weeks ago, and it is still difficult for me. I bought Wayne's book "The Power of Intention." I try and I try to concentrate, use 'higher energies' and feel good. At times it works. I'm just hoping that it gets even easier with time. Nothing seems easy right now.
About 15 years ago, I went through a similar situation and got a couple of Wayne's books and they really helped.
I was SO glad to find this forum, to connect with other like-minded people who like Wayne Dyer's books.
Karen's reply to the earlier post helped me as well. Thanks Karen!


03-10-2006 10:55:44

Hi Maryyy,

Thank you for your kind comment. We are all in this event of life together and we learn from each other. I was just posting in another thread about a website called Harmonic Ascension that has all kinds of free meditations if you're into that. These are not like anything you've ever heard before. There's a big promo now but you can join for free if you skip past all the junk and look at the bottom. I did. I love them because it makes meditation so easy.